Volunteers undertake all of the work of the charity and these are greatly valued. More will always be needed to come forward if the work is to continue and to be developed further. We now have a permanent centre with washing and laundry facilities and other remedial support. For a more permanent overnight centre Grantham Poverty Concern is looking towards partnership with the local authority and has a representative presence on South Kesteven District Council homelessness forum as well as being part of Homeless Link. Homeless Link is a group of charities dedicated to ending homelessness and more information can be found on their website here.

Grantham Poverty Concern and The Passage is managed by a board of elected Trustees who oversee the direction, financial stability and ethos of the charity to ensure that all those in need are helped to the best extent we can.  Through the work of the Passage, several of our clients have risen out of their difficult situations to become volunteers themselves or gain full time employment.

If you are looking to volunteer at the Grantham Passage please fill in the form below and we will contact you.


Monday - 09:30 to 11:30 - Grantham Methodist Chapel - located at Finkin Street, Grantham

Tuesday - 18:00 - 19:00 - Grantham Baptist Church - located next to the Bus Station, Grantham

Wednesday - 09:30 to 11:30 - Grantham Passage Resource Centre - located at St.Marys Catholic Church (opposite Asda), Grantham

Thursday - 11:30 to 13:00 - Same location as Wednesday

Friday - As Monday

Saturday - As Wednesday

Sunday - 09:00 to 11:00 - Seventh Day Adventist Church - located on Dudley Road, Grantham

Grantham & District Poverty Concern Group was formed in 2001 by Ruby Stuckey MBE to support vulnerable members of the local community and its aims continue to be the relief of both poverty and homelessness. It incorporates the Grantham Passage ("The Passage") which offers through various churches in Grantham on seven days a week a safe and non-judgmental meeting place, company, hot food and drink, assistance with access to services, responsible agencies and other community support. It maintains an ‘open door' policy whereby assistance is given, after inquiry, to any applicant accepted as otherwise destitute or in need of support. 

Wherever possible, direct financial assistance is avoided and help is given in the form of food vouchers or utility card credit. Short-term emergency shelter can also be arranged, and clothing, sleeping bags and tents are regularly distributed to those in need. 

Grantham Poverty Concern and Grantham Passage have found that there are a small but persistent number of people in Grantham without shelter of any kind and there is also a significant number more who ‘sofa surf’.  The help and support provided represents a way back for those who have fallen on hard times for whatever reason, the main conditions include mental health issues, dependency on drugs or alcohol, ex-offending, eviction, break-up with partner and many are struggling to overcome substance abuse. Families account for a proportion of our service users and approximately 30 clients attend each session of the Passage. Our support is provided 365 days a year for our clients to ensure that there are no days that they are without food or support.

Grantham Poverty Concern and Grantham Passage are entirely funded by donations and staffed entirely by volunteers.  We do not receive any financial assistance from the local Council, national agency or other sources to continue our work.

Grantham Poverty Concern - Registered Charity : 1060003


A Christmas thank you goes to....

Providing support and assistance for the 

homeless and vulnerable

of Grantham and surrounding area
The Passage provided over 10,000 meals to our clients last year for free, 365 days of the year. This ensures that the most vulnerable get at least one meal per day in a safe and warm environment.


Alternatively you can contact us on 07850 100340 for a chat or more information

We provide assistance to our clients through support, outreach, warm clothing, sleeping bags and foil blankets and the provision of food parcels and ​gas / electricity top-ups.  In extreme weather we also provide emergency B&B accommodation.


Let us know how you can help.

Now our resource centre is open, our clients have the ability to shower and wash their clothes. We are also looking to start other assistance for computer use and benefits advice.

We are planning to open the centre more often during the winter months to provide better care for our clients.

Learn how you can get involved with Grantham Passage

Helping those who need it the most 

Together, we can make a difference


The Passage would like to thank a number of organisations and individuals that have recently donated money, food and clothing for our Christmas meal. We really appreciate all the generosity that people show and this year has been an exceptional year. In no particular order we would like to thank the following :

Chris and Esther for the shopping, cooking on both the run up and on Christmas Day.
Caroline, Jenny, Ron, Mandy, Dawn and Will for volunteering on Christmas Day
Mary for assisting in the hall during the meal
Ken for the kind words to the clients on Christmas Day

Shaun Muffett -
Thank you for organising the gig and raising almost £600
Virginia L
- £100 cheque
Pam - £80 donation
Cathy E -
£40 raised through a raffle
Mark F -
Xmas puddings, custard, hats / gloves, soft drink and chocolate
Naomi M -
For the knitted items that went into the presents for the clients
Andrew T -
For the £50 cheque
Joyce and Don S - For the knitted items, the toiletries, wash bags and gift sets

Priory Ruskin Academy, Grantham - For organising the Christmas Fair each year and raising funds for the Passage
KGGS, Grantham - For the gifts, Christmas cards and the toiletires that went into the presents for the clients
Charles Read Academy, Corby Glen - For all the food, toiletries, presents and gifts that went into the presents for the clients

Kings Arms, Grantham - For hosting the gig and allowing us to fundraise there
Lincolnshire Co-op, Dysart Road -
For the raffle money and the stockings full of food
Sainsburys, Grantham -
For the donation of the turkeys
Worshipful Compnay of Saddlers, London -
For the donation of £300
Sunrise Rotary, Grantham - For the hats, gloves and scarves as well as a £166 cash donation​
Grantham Baptist Church - For allowing us to use the premises on Christmas Day
McCains, Grantham - For the Christmas Hampers and roast potatoes