How can you help ?

This means that we will need people to help prepare the vegetables and the other food, wrap presents and volunteer for front of house and the kitchen.  We also need others to help clear up and sort out the hall after the event.

As already mentioned we try to make Christmas Day as special as we can for our clients.  Just as you would do at home we do the meal, plus present packs and treats and make sure that the hall and tables are festively decorated.  

We normally expect to have around 50 clients in the hall, plus some clients that need a delivery plus families that we support. 

Volunteering spaces will be available from December 23rd to December 26th for the roles above.  They are first come, first served so if you like the sound of it, fill in the form below!


As we are a charity that is entirely funded by donations from the local community we welcome any assistance in making Christmas Day come to life.  Each year we have more people attend the meal that need our help and support.

We would gratefully receive donations of either food or supermarket vouchers to allow us to purchase the fresh food during the Christmas week.  Our Christmas meal is freshly cooked so items such as :

  • Items for the main meal - Turkeys, sausages, bacon and vegetables
  • Items for the tables - Sweets, chocolates or festive treats

As we provide gifts for all our clients for them to take away, any items on the following list would be appreciated :

  • Male or female individual toiletries or toiletry sets 
  • Childrens gifts (boys and girls) as we are supporting arounsfamilies this year
  • Disposable hand warmers, small first aid kits or similar
  • Bars of chocolate or sweets in general (our clients have a sweet tooth!)
  • Male or female small gifts or stocking fillers

We would be very grateful for anything that you could provide to make this a very special day.  We can arrange collection of items if this is more convenient for you (or you are unable to get the items to us).

Get in touch !

We write a christmas card for each of the clients that we will be looking after as for many, this is the only card that they will receive.

We also make sure that we get a present for each client as well which we will also deliver out to them on the day.  We give out warm clothing (such as hats, scarves and gloves), toiletries, chocolates and sweets and other small gifts.  All the presents are wrapped the day before and divided into male, female and children's presents.  

Christmas can be a difficult time for our clients and families as it reminds many of friends and relations that are no longer in contact or have moved out of their lives.

Grantham Passage provides a meal on Christmas Day for our clients and families that we support and we try to make it as special as possible.  This meal is traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings including home made stuffings and cranberry sauce.

To make sure that all runs smoothly and we get the help to all those that need it, we are looking for both donations and the volunteers to get it organised and sent out.

Grantham Passage Christmas Appeal 2023