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Grantham Poverty Concern - Registered Charity : 1060003

We provide assistance to our clients through support, outreach, warm clothing, sleeping bags and foil blankets and the provision of food parcels.

In extreme weather we work alongside SKDC for the SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol) to ensure all rough sleepers are in accomodation.

Grantham & District Poverty Concern Group was formed in 2001 by Ruby Stuckey MBE to support vulnerable members of the local community and its aims continue to be the relief of both poverty and homelessness. It incorporates the Grantham Passage ("The Passage") which offers through various churches in Grantham on seven days a week a free, safe and non-judgmental meeting place, company, hot food and drink, assistance with access to services, responsible agencies and other community support. We are proud of our ‘open door' policy, where assistance is given to anyone that turns up to our sessions.

It's worth explaining a little of the type of clients that use our services to create a level of context.  Our clients are male and female, a range of ages from 18 to 70, all based locally and every one has a challenge that affects their day to day lives.  The majority of our clients have mental health issues, some significant, and a large proportion also battle addictions to either drink or drugs or sometimes both.  This is layered upon poverty and a precarious housing status as well as those that are rough sleeping/sofa surfing.  A number of clients are also reacting to and still dealing with traumatic life experiences and pasts that were definitely not stable, loved or without incident.  We have also had a number of ex-Service Personnel that have required our help and assistance.  A number of our clients have passed away well before their time, from suicide or their lifetyle choices as well as long term illnesses and related conditions. 

Our clients deserve compassion, respect and to be treated like any other human being with the understanding that in some cases their issues include behaviour that does not necessarily always conform with societal norms.  This includes not being judgmental in regards to lifestyle or background and is a hugely important part of anyone being a volunteer at the Passage.  Many of our clients have made significant steps into full time employment, sorting debts and outstanding items and holding down permanent places of residence.  We strive to ensure support and regularly check in with clients that have attained self-help and achieved these significant personal victories.

​Our support is provided 365 days a year to ensure that there are no days that they are without food or support.

Together, we can make a difference

Let us know if you want to help.

Our resource centre, Mike's Place, located at St.Marys meal location provides laundry and shower facilities free of charge. 

We provide all detergent and towels/toiletries for those in need.

Daily meals and non-judgmental support 



Providing support and assistance for the 

homeless and vulnerable

of Grantham and surrounding area
Volunteers undertake all of the work of the charity and these are greatly valued. More will always be needed to come forward if the work is to continue and to be developed further. Our resource centre, 'Mike's Place' located at St.Marys Church has free to use shower and laundry facilities and we provide all the detergent and towels needed. We have a representative presence on South Kesteven District Council homelessness forum as well as being part of Homeless Link. Homeless Link is a group of charities dedicated to ending homelessness and more information can be found on their website here.

Grantham Poverty Concern and The Passage is managed by a board of elected Trustees who oversee the direction, financial stability and ethos of the charity to ensure that all those in need are helped to the best extent we can.  Through the work of the Passage, several of our clients have risen out of their difficult situations to become volunteers themselves or gain full time employment.

If you are looking to volunteer at the Grantham Passage please fill in the form below and we will contact you. Places are not always immediately available but we will keep your details on file (with your permission) for when they do.

The Passage provides around 10,000 meals to our clients for free, 365 days of the year. 
Our 2020 to 2022 COVID food parcel support distributed 200,000+ food items to those most in need in our local community.

Please see the meals page for more information.

Thank you to all that help


If you are concerned about a rough sleeper please contact either us, SKDC or Change4Lincs Outreach team.  SKDC and Change4Lincs can be contacted on 01476 406080 or out of hours 01476 590044 then select option 4.

To contact us here at the Passage please call either 07850100340 or  07517943792