A very large thank you goes to all those that support what we do through financial assistance, food and other essential items.  We rely on donations to continue the work that we do as everything we provide is free to the clients that come to the Passage.  We need to raise about £40,000 per year to operate so everything that comes in is truly appreciated and goes towards helping those that need it the most.

Grantham College

Grantham College very kindly purchased £120 worth of goods from Morrisons for the Passage.  They got a selection of items using funds that were raised from a College raffle.  Thank you to all that took part in the raffle and we appreciate that you chose us as your charity of choice.

Thank you for recent financial donations

We would like to pass on our collective thanks to both the Tollemache Charitable Trust and the Barbara Welby Trust for their incredibly generous monetary donations.  Its fantastic that you have chosen to support us and we will ensure that this money goes to those that need it the most.

Rotary Swimarathon

Every year we are lucky to get shortlisted to be supported by Swimarathon for their fundraising awards.  This year they gave us a huge £2000 so thank you so very much for your generosity!  This will go to all the work that we do supporting those in the local area.

Volunteering Matters / National Grid

We'd like to thank Mary from Volunteering Matters and Sam from National Grid for their amazing help in sorting our allotment.  The weather was truly awful but you all turned up and made such an amazing difference to the entire site!  Its put us bang on track again and we have plenty of things now on the way that we will provide to our clients later in the year in our meals.

Thank you to all that donate items, financially, or with time

We'd like to formally thank all those that continue to help us with any sort of donation during 2024.  We realise that the cost of living crisis is really biting for everyone and because of this, anything we get is truly appreciated.  All those that we support are also being badly affected by food, energy and other price rises.

All the items that we get are donated to those in need and, as everyone is a volunteer, all donated funds are put back into our work to support all those that need it.  

Boots Opticians​

Beckie at Boots Opticians has been amazing and arranged for our clients to have free eye-tests and glasses over a number of recent sessions.  Eye health is so important and these checks have already picked up a couple of potentially sight-losing illnesses that are now going to be treated. 

They have also arranged several collections of items for us from the shop and these will really help our clients.  Its so kind of you to take the time to organise everything and its truly appreciated,


Thank you Beckie and your team for all the help that you have given and continue to give.