16,000 Food parcels

200,000+ individual items

100,000 Meals

The food parcels have finally come to an end after a period of two years.  During this time we have supported a huge number of individuals and families with food, tolietries, pet food and cleaning products.  We have also provided a regular supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat kindly donated from Brakes and Morrisons to bulk out the family food parcels.

We'd like to thank all those that have helped us throughout this period - especially Chris Thomas and Esther Maddison who have tirelessly and selflessly worked almost every day of the last two years.  They have organised, co-ordinated, arranged, stressed, laughed, cried and most importantly excelled at providing close to 16,000 food parcels to the families we have supported.  To our volunteer drivers who have made sure that each week the food gets to those that need it despite restrictions, weather, incidents and their own family lives.  Lastly and by no means least all those organisations that have stepped up to the line and helped in innumerable ways through the mediums of donations, financial assistance, time, expertise and support for what we have done.

We're proud of what we have done and made sure that we have helped all those that have needed it the most.

Food parcel support has finished