Policy reviewed and updated January 27th, 2021

Grantham Poverty Concern & Grantham Passage COVID-19 Policy

Overview of the Policy

This policy outlines the actions and procedures that  have been put into place with the current COVID-19 situation and how they affect the service that we provide.  This policy will be updated when new guidance and procedures are issued by either the Government or the Charities Commission.

Changes made to the service

A number of changes have been put into place to ensure that we adhere to the Government restrictions that have been put into place.  The following changes have been ratified by our Board of Trustees prior to implementation.

  • Closure of all meal locations to prevent clients congregating in groups of 2 or more and being within a 2m exclusion of other people
  • Closure of the meal takeaway service to prevent clients congregating in groups of 2 or more and being within a 2m exclusion of other people
  • Closure of all meal locations to protect the clients and volunteers that class as vulnerable 

Current service being provided

With the changes that we have had to implement to meet requirements, our service has had to adapt.  We are assisting our clients in the following ways :

  • Provision of a food parcel of non-perishable, easy to prepare dried and tinned food for anyone who requires assistance
  • Weekly Saturday delivery of parcels to their home address or collection from our central distribution point
  • Assistance for clients over the phone for issues or where an ongoing case for assistance is in place
  • Working with local agencies to provide support to those that present additional needs

Safety procedures put into place

To ensure the safety of the clients and volunteers we are actively following guidelines provided by the Government.

  • Social distancing during deliveries and collection
  • Hand washing and sanitising
  • When clients come to our collection point we ensure that a 2m exclusion zone is in place.
  • Wearing of face masks for deliveries and when we are dealing with the clients
  • Staggered times for delivery drivers collecting their parcels at our distribution centre

Plans for the future

We will be providing these food parcels until such time that our normal service is allowed to resume and the restart has been cleared by our Board of Trustees.