Thank you for offering to help

As mentioned on the front page, we are now providing food parcels on a weekly basis to the clients that we support to ensure that they have some basic supplies.  These are a selection of items for the store cupboard and can make a number of meals plus some ancilliary and treat items.  All the items we provide are tinned or dried so they can be stored and easily cooked even with little access to facilities.

If you would like to help it would be greatly appreciated - just let us know on the contact page and we will arrange to get the items to us.  We do have a collection point at Grantham Baptist Church (open Monday and Friday, 10 til 12) or we can collect from you if you are isolating.  

We follow all the current rules for social distancing and infection control as required in these difficult times.  Items that are currently going into the food parcels are:

Sachets  of Hot Chocolate
UHT Milk
Cereal (mini or large)
Porridge sachets
Tinned meat eg chicken casserole, spaghetti bolognese, minced beef and onion etc
Tins of corned beef
Fray bentos pies
Sachets of cous cous
Sachets of rice
Instant Mash
Tinned veg - peas, carrots, potato, tomatoes, sweet corn etc
Cup a soup 
Tins of baked beans, spaghetti hoops
Chocolate bars
Jars of pasta sauce
Hot Dog Sausages
Sandwich paste
Tins of tuna
Pot Noodle/Packets of flavoured noodles
Fruit squash
Tomato ketchup
Brown sauce
Microwave puddings
Tinned fruit
Rice pudding

Facial wipes
Deodorant male/female
Body wash male/female
Shampoo male/female