Board games and colouring are very popular and are a great way for our clients to relax and interact in a different manner to how the mealtime sessions are run.  They have proved to be very popular and some of our visitors are both extremely creative and also very good at winning the games!  

Over time we plan to get other external volunteers in to help with running art or similar type classes for those that wish to participate.  Watch this space for further updates !

Cheap and Easy Cooking

As part of our plan to offer more for our clients we are pleased to announce that we now have the afternoon club up and running.  This is being taken forward and managed by Chris and his team to provide somewhere for the clients to spend some time that is separate to the meals.

The afternoon club is based at the Resource Centre at St.Marys Church and is open every Wednesday afternoon between 13:45 and 15:45.  The aim of the club is to give our clients somewhere to go that has organised activities and events that rotate on a regular basis.  All events are focussed on the clients and are based on interactive activites such as board games, art and cooking.

We are lucky to have been funded by the Masonic Charitable Trust so we can purchase what resources we need.  So far we have used some of the funding to purchase board games and also items for our first cooking session as well.  Both activities have been very well received and the clients are starting to attend on a more regular basis.

At the moment we are in the first rotation of activities and events.  We will be reviewing the popularity of what we are offering, speak to the clients and then decide which ones will be taken forward and which ones will be changed.  From experience so far the board games and cooking have definitely been the most popular!

In the future we plan to take some clients on a day trip to the seaside (or similar) as many of them have not left town for a significant amount of time. 

Afternoon Club

During the cooking session we purchased the ingredients for the clients to make their own pizzas.  Some of the clients had never done this before and were quite nervous about the preparation and cooking!

Everyone helped with preparing the vegetables, sorting out the ingredients and then chose what they would like as their toppings.  When the pizzas had been made, the clients helped us cook them so everyone had theirs to taste and take away!

Colouring and Board Games